My project


My Project


This project is not simply my dream project but in one word it is my “life”. Even though this project is very dear to my heart yet I would like to restrain myself from using the term “my project”. The reason behind this is that this project mainly targets the poor people and aims at develop the down trodden socially, academically and economically. Hence this project is no more just “my project” rather it is “our project” and this “our” includes all those people who are helping in the making of the project successful as well as those for whom the project is meant to be.

For the smooth running of any project financial support is highly needed. In this regard we would accept any form of donation from an individual or organization. However our experiences say that any project depending solely on donations do not work successfully for a long run. So keeping all these in mind we have decided to open our own Socio economic projects (such as Dairy farming, Fisheries, Organic farming) so that lack of finance may not hinder the smooth working progress of our dream project.

Foreign Language Institute and Agricultural University


Our mega project will be to build the foundation of a Foreign Language Institute and Agricultural University in the acquired land that we would buy. We will try to make education free of cost for all the poor people all around the world. Our main target is to bring the whole world under one shelter. Hence the institute would be a campus institute where the students will be accommodated in hostels so that the students get more space to communicate with each other and learn different cultures and traditions from different parts of the world.

Being the President of Feather World Social Welfare and Educational Society, I am very much impressed by the Path of Buddha and the father of Indian Constitution Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. Hence following the same path this institution would be standing on four main pillars namely Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and Justice. Thus the institute would be a Buddhist Institute following the traditions of Taxila and Nalanda. Although in our institute freedom of religion would be maintained yet being a monastic institute during study period all the students and teachers have to follow the Buddhist norms as well as wear proper uniforms. After completion of the course one can continue with his/her religion of choice. In our institute festivals of all other religion will be celebrated with equal enthusiasm. We will try our level best to get our institution recognition from Government of India for all the courses ranging from B.A. to Ph.D. Before the starting of any course a compulsory one year English course will be introduced so as to facilitate students of different country and background to communicate with each other easily.

Hostel accommodation on twin share basis will be provided to girls and boys separately which would have other facilities such as mess, library, reading room and visitor’s room. One big guest house will be built for the family members of the students. Books, stationeries and reading materials will be provided by the institute to the students at minimal cost. Two times air fare in economic class will be provided to each student in bachelor’s degree, one times air fare in master’s degree while two times air fare (including extension period) to each Ph.D. student by the institute. Instead of charging any fees from the students for all the above facilities the institute would expect the students to donate one hour from Monday to Saturday and three hours in Sunday to help the workers of the institute in various sectors such as in agriculture, garden and road cleaning; fishery, hotel sector and old age home. Interested students can also help in the beautification of the institute by making painting and statues.

This institute will be an independent body and to run this institute we have planned to take up few Socio-Economic projects. Although any form of financial help would be highly appreciable yet we don’t want to depend solely on funds raised by donation only. The various fund raising projects we have thought of include Dairy farming, fishery, organic farming and selling of such products; hotels, travel agency, publications, news channels etc. The fund raised by selling books translated by the students would be utilized for student’s welfare. After the completion of their study no student will compelled to work with us but in case anyone is interested to continue to work would be heartily welcomed. This institute will not only be responsible for those students who will be studying, but also for those students who would like to do something worth for their nation. In such cases we as a team would try to help our ex-students in their respective countries.

If our plan for the institute works out successfully then we would work upon the following projects namely

  • Small hospital with good facility treating people below poverty line free of cost.

Ecological welfare projects related to:

  1. Dairy farming and biogas plant
  2. Solid waste management
  • Facilitating old age homes.

                                                                                     To be continued…